November 10, 2006

Mulberries and Stripey Stockings

Hello friends.

I have been very remiss with my blogging. I didn’t realise how busy my life was. As you can see by my photos, there is so much to do … swinging in the mulberry tree whilst sharing a few with the birds, reclining in the dandelions, a spot of horse riding, side-saddle because I was unprepared and didn’t have my jodhpurs!

At the moment I am very captivated by stripey socks! Kate brought me a pair of long knee-high bobby dazzler socks from the Sock Shop in Melbourne. I haven’t been able to take them off!
Fashion tip: experiment with layering them over spotted tights. I say you can never be too spotty or stripey. Please send in pictures if y
ou love them too.

Look at what I saw the other day. Bird folk drinking cappuccinos! Decaf please. They are flighty enough as it is.

Bye for now,
Your stripey, spotty Ruby. xxx

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