March 26, 2010

Easter in Maleny ... Meet Kate and I!

 I've just visited Giddy and Grace (Kate's sister Samantha's homewares and gift shop) in Maleny to glimpse her new Easter display. I've gone made for these cuddlesome, clucky, chickens! They've laid pretty, glittery, chocolate eggs all over the shop and told me I was welcome to sample one or two.  Delicious!
 I've kept the lovely shiny paper which may come in handy when I need something dazzling.
If you're close to Maleny (Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland) on Saturday, April 3rd from 10am - 2pm, then we'd love you to pop in to Giddy and Grace to meet Samantha, Kate and I.  

Giddy and Grace
Shop 2, 1 Maple Street
Maleny (next to Bank of Qld)
Phone 07 5494 3636

 Hope to see you there!


x Ruby

March 04, 2010

Farewell Tasmania ... for now!

 I'm in apple orchard heaven!

 Look at how well the apples match my shoes!

My last day and I'm retiring early.
I've completely fallen ears over paws in love with Tasmania.
My red shoes will definitely be hopping here again soon.

x Ruby

March 03, 2010

I found a friend ... and blissful, blue Bicheno.

I woke up to find a kindred, long eared friend in the garden! (Although he's a rabbit and I'm a hare it's lovely to talk with someone who sees the world through similar, gentle eyes.)
His name is Billy Buttercrunch and he has always lived around this part of Great Oyster Bay. He was born a few fields away but is very fond of collecting seaweed so lives close by the beach so he can indulge in his pastime. 

Bathing in Bicheno!
I've never seen water this colour.
I'm having a romance with turquoise and peacock blue!
I'm hoping Kate introduces some into my wardrobe palette.

x Ruby & Billy Buttercrunch

March 01, 2010

Full moon over Great Oyster Bay.

Full moon over Great Oyster Bay.

I think I can hear all those oysters, singing their salty songs,
bewitched by the moon's reflection on the sea. 

Here is one of my favourite moon poems ... 

Moon Thought
The moon is thinking of the river
Winding through the mountains far away,
Because she has a river in her heart
Full of the same silver.

Hilda Conkling