January 14, 2010

Holiday Diaries ... From York to The Blue Mountains!

It's a white Christmas for a white hare in York!

Happy New Year everyone!

My passport's dizzy from all the opening and closing it's endured on my extensive holiday travels.  

Christmas day was spent in York, England where I holidayed with my acupuncturists Peter and Mary Delaney. I was thrilled to my frozen fluffy toes to see such drifts of glorious snow.

What relief when we stopped for hot chocolate and carrot soup in the charming Cafe Concerto. Their salads are besprinkled with the sweetest jewels of fruit pieces ... cherry, plum and peach. The walls are lined with sheet music!

As you can see I had to be rescued from this precarious possible avalanche scenario I found myself in. Thank you Peter for administering calming acupuncture for the near frostbite on my nose. 

Spinning around Blue Mountains on a blue AJS!

My travels also took me to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales where I spent many ear flowing hours riding pillion on Mandy and Peter's AJS. 

I'm so smitten with this pretty motorcycle I've ordered red faux leather biking pants and jacket. 

x Ruby