December 07, 2012

Bunnies in Bellingen!

Kate and I have been in Bellingen to visit Affirmations HQ, planning what
lovely products we can create for next year.
We stayed in the cottage at Suzi and Dan's Cottonwood farm.

It's perfect in every way possible.

And I was in Hare Heaven.

The cottage is more charming than you could ever imagine,
with a bed so wide you need a passport to travel from one side to the other.

The Never Never river winds right past our doorstep and we jump in for our morning swim.
We give it some of our tears, shed in gratitude for so much beauty and peace.

But that's nowhere near the best of it! 

Cottonwood cottage comes with the perfect accessory - a bunny called Charcoal! 

And I love him!

More tears.

Introductions .. we're a bit formal at first.

A few carrot discs for afternoon tea.

I can't stop staring at his beautiful, symmetrical whiskers.

 Breakfast with the birds.

 Eggs in a red ramekin! 

 Thanks Suzi and Dan!

And Whitey, even though you only just tolerate me.

Love Ruby x