February 27, 2010

A stroll to take in some sea air ... and a near meeting with Neptune!

I've wandered off on the gravelly paths to the beach. A little repose beneath some dandelions before I find a quiet beach to look for mermaids and hear the seagull's stories.

Guess who?

Lovely spot to relax.
A message to all small white hares .... never turn your back on the surf. Best of all stay in the dunes!
Where's Bondi Rescue? Hoppo! Kerbox! HELP!!!
 I'm OK. Shaken but I escaped before Neptune had a chance to get his salty hands around my ankles.

February 26, 2010

Hobart ... or Antarctica?

A snap decision to pop down to Hobart
... or did we overshoot and end up in Antarctica?

We bought a punnet of plump raspberries and strolled around the markets at Salamanca Place. Before long the rain and bracing wind drove us into a charming cafe to order coffee and hot chocolate to warm our paws.  Then off we go on a climb to Battery Point where I indulge in a home made cream bun with jam. No photo as I ate it before Kate's camera came out of the bag. I draw the line at being in the spotlight whilst enjoying a cream bun.

HOBART WEATHER REPORT - 26 February 2010
by on location reporter Ruby Red Shoes
(observations conducted from a gum tree)

Temp: Antarctic's breath brings tidings laced with ice.
 Ear chill factor: Biting
Recommendation for small fluffy beings: Wear scarf and tights ... best of all stay in the car.

Next stop Richmond.
Me at Richmond Bridge ... more tea and scones! 

February 25, 2010

Ruby Tours Tasmania!

I'm on holidays!
Kate has taken me for a week touring around the east coast of Tasmania and I'm having a sensational time. She says it's to broaden my horizons, but quietly I think it may have been her horizon she wanted broadening, but I'm not complaining.

After arriving in Launceston this morning we beetled along the oh so winding roads (my gills were green and stripey legs like jelly by the time we arrived) to Swansea where we are staying at Piermont Cottages. It's so tranquil that my whiskers are uncrumpling by the second.

Wish you were here.
x Ruby RS

February 17, 2010

Look at me in my new best friend Sophie's bedroom! 
This quilt from her Nanna is all my dreams come true.
All from Steph Bond's fabulous blog Bondville!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all our Twiggy friends and family, Ruby Red Shoes would like to wish you all a very special LOVE day this Valentines ... may your heart be filled and overflowing with joy and laughter in everything you do!