February 27, 2010

A stroll to take in some sea air ... and a near meeting with Neptune!

I've wandered off on the gravelly paths to the beach. A little repose beneath some dandelions before I find a quiet beach to look for mermaids and hear the seagull's stories.

Guess who?

Lovely spot to relax.
A message to all small white hares .... never turn your back on the surf. Best of all stay in the dunes!
Where's Bondi Rescue? Hoppo! Kerbox! HELP!!!
 I'm OK. Shaken but I escaped before Neptune had a chance to get his salty hands around my ankles.

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Dewey said...

Ruby! We are so excited to find a kindred spirit! Your pictures are lovely and we can't wait to share you with our class. We sould love to link to your blog from our blog is thats ok with you. Let us know!

-Dewey and Emerson