February 26, 2010

Hobart ... or Antarctica?

A snap decision to pop down to Hobart
... or did we overshoot and end up in Antarctica?

We bought a punnet of plump raspberries and strolled around the markets at Salamanca Place. Before long the rain and bracing wind drove us into a charming cafe to order coffee and hot chocolate to warm our paws.  Then off we go on a climb to Battery Point where I indulge in a home made cream bun with jam. No photo as I ate it before Kate's camera came out of the bag. I draw the line at being in the spotlight whilst enjoying a cream bun.

HOBART WEATHER REPORT - 26 February 2010
by on location reporter Ruby Red Shoes
(observations conducted from a gum tree)

Temp: Antarctic's breath brings tidings laced with ice.
 Ear chill factor: Biting
Recommendation for small fluffy beings: Wear scarf and tights ... best of all stay in the car.

Next stop Richmond.
Me at Richmond Bridge ... more tea and scones! 

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Miss Tyler-Smith said...

My Grade 5 students and I are LOVING following Ruby and her adventures! Thank you for your fantastic blog!