July 23, 2006

Ruby's New Blog

Hello friends. My red shoes have been twitching to have my own blog and finally Kate has created this space for some of my musings.

Well firstly I know there are many of you who have been looking everywhere, like under toadstools, up in tree branches and in the shops for a cuddly version of me, realeased in limited edition earlier this year, and wearing my favourite green cardigan and striped stockings. I am very sorry that many of you missed out. My friends and I at Twigseeds are working earnestly on creating another batch. Fluffy as ever!

For a little white hare, I am working very long hours with Kate on our first Children’s picture book. She types away and illustrates as I tell stories of my life in and around the caravan. It will take what seems like forever in production, so fluffy white paws crossed, you may see it next year.

Due to extreme exhaustion from my busy schedule, I was sent to a day spa for a seeweed wrap and ear rebalancing. I am feeling quite revived now. Many thanks to Miss K. Apple at the spa who took such great care of me.

Enchanting poems by Hilda Conkling.

I really want to tell you about the work of a child poet I stumbled upon called Hilda Conkling, 1910 – 1986. I am so surprised I hadn’t heard of her before. She composed most of her poetry between the ages of four and ten years old! Her mother was a poet and would write down Hilda’s words. There are lots of poems about birds, fairies and nature, all my favourite things. You see I was searching on google for the author of this beautiful saying, “The world turns softly so as not to spill its lakes and rivers” only to find the whole poem ...


The world turns softly

Not to spill its lakes and rivers.

The water is held in its arms
And the sky is held in the water.
What is water,
That pours silver,

And can hold the sky?

Then I found this poe
m …


Fairies dancing in the woods at nig
Make me think of foreign places,
Of places unknown.
Fairies with sparkling crowns and dewy hands,
Sprinkle flowers and mosses to keep them fr
Talk to the birds to keep them cheery.
Once a bird came home

And found a fairy asleep in his nest,

Upon his baby eggs,
To keep them warm!

Did you know I have seen fairies sleeping on baby eggs to keep them warm? Sometimes the bird will give the fairy a feather as a thank you.

You can read some of Hilda's poetry here.

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