November 30, 2006

What I'm Reading.

Hello friends.

I must share with you what I think are the two most wonderful books ever written and would be a lovely gift to ask Santa for. They are ‘Little Fur’ – The Legend of Little Fur and ‘A Fox called Sorrow’ - The Legend of Little Fur, written by Isobelle Carmody. Click here for an online bookstore.

My dear friend Kitty introduced Little Fur to me on my last birthday when she gave me the first story as a gift. Now these two books are always on my bedside table and sometimes I just hold them because they have the softest furry covers.

The books are about Little Fur, a “little elf troll who lives peacefully as a healer of small creatures in a grove of magical trees.” In the first story, Little Fur goes on a big quest to save seven magical and precious singing trees called the Old Ones from the human tree burners. Her friends that join her are Crow, Brownie a horse, Ginger and Sly who are cats. Little Fur has a strong connection with the earth energies and cares for all of nature.

Ruby thinks Little Fur is someone she would be eternal friends with and is hoping to meet her during one of her rambles in the woods.

For those of you who do end up reading Little Fur over the Christmas holidays, Kitty and I have put together some questions you may like to ponder, then a few ideas to stretch your imagination. Please email in any of your ideas or pictures for me to put on this space.


Questions for the readers of Little Fur:

Which character touched your heart the most?

What is your favourite type of tree?

What did you learn from reading Little Fur?

Do you know someone wise, like the Sett Owl? What do you learn from them?

What are some of your favourite smells?

Imagination Stretching Ideas for the readers of Little Fur:

Invent your own character. (May be a friend of Little Fur?)

Draw your own special magical tree.

Draw your own version of Little Fur.

Make a recipe for Little Fur (fruit, vegetable, nut and berry based).

Have fun!

Love Ruby Red Shoes.

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