October 09, 2012

Ruby visits Las Vegas!

I’ve been to Las Vegas! It's not the easiest place for an aware hare to keep herself calm. I'm used to starlight and all that neon made my ears start to flicker. It was however a very exciting adventure.

We went on a flight with the marvelous Maverick Helicopters, right into the Grand Canyon and had a picnic. I stayed high up on the table to avoid having to share my lunch or one of my limbs with any hungry snakes. I was absolutely terrified having not been in a helicopter before but our pilot and new friend Heiko was very competent and reassuring, which steadied my shaking knees.

We flew over Celine’s house and I waved. I may have seen her singing in the garden but it could have been a statue or mirage as we were a long way up and the heat was doing strange things to my eyes.

Love Ruby x
PS .. Hi to my new friends in Nevada - Sophia and Oliver!

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