March 06, 2013

There's a book in the oven ...

Kate and I are busily working on the next Ruby Red Shoes book (Kate is painting and I am posing for her), so we thought it would be fun to have you all on board and watch as the book comes to life. Have your sea legs on though as the journey through a book deadline can get a little bit rocky... Ruby x

A word from Kate ...

The storyboard is finished and I have a deadline for the end of May. It’s me, two hares and some of their varied acquaintances for three months.

The first page stares at me with a very blank expression. The first page stare off—a test of wills. I fix my eyes to the page and wait until my characters decide to enter their stage on a page. Just like ghosts moving through walls they emerge from nowhere. I breathe patience and calm so as not to spook them. Once they’ve arrived, I pencil in where I see their fuzzy outlines and they’re captured—immortalised on paper, breathing and talking and posing!

Then the questioning begins. What are you doing Ruby? What do you want to wear today? What’s the weather like? Babushka Galushka tells me she’s shelling peas. Ruby is highly excitable and wants a blue dress with white spots '...but Cobalt Blue, not French Ultramarine Blue'. It’s wonderful to see her again so full of beans. In this story we leave their idyllic caravan and travel somewhere fabulous. This journey has just begun ... more soon!

x Kate                         


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