November 25, 2011

Bonjour Paris!

I’m back in Paris! It’s summer and I’m searching the city for inspiration.
And the word on the streets is red is very big right now. Of course.
Looking at the bustle in the square below ... don't worry I'm holding on tight!

 I spring out of bed on this fine Paris morning and pop to the local marché to forage for breakfast items.

Cherry tomatoes and raspberries make a bright breakfast but even better ...  buttery boulangerie bounty.

Warming the butter.

Someone medical please!


 A meditative moment at Place des Vosges in a bosquet of linden trees. I have just learned that a bosquet is a formal garden where the trees are planted so that all their trunks are in a perfect row.

I suddenly feel a bit small and maybe a bit lost. And there's a bit of gravel in my shoe.



Lunch - the best chips I've ever tasted.
They're all irregular shapes - a real person chopped up these potatoes.

 Extreme espresso adventure.

Red fire engine. Moving with speed and sound.

 Arc de triomphe ... wonderful!
Look! A Parisian pigeon.

  An interesting sort of creature. Hope to see one whilst I'm here. I think we could be friends.

Is he smiling at me?

I have a good feeling about lunching at the red one.

Little sustenance to keep my red shoes firing along the streets. 
Note to me - redcurrent red is a particularly good red.

Musée Rodin -

I'm thinking he's done enough thinking.

I'm not sure it's her best day. She doesn't look particularly comfortable. 
I think she could do with a cuddle but the security guards disagree.  

Rouge RG, Rouge cadmium, Ocre Rouge, Rouge de Cadmium.

I have scarlet fever! 
Raspberry jam with violets, pomegranates and a fire-engine red teapot.

 Just another little spoonful. May as well - customs won't let it through.

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Anonymous said...

Kate, I love what you've done here. Mum (Ailsa - you know who we are) just gave the children each their own Ruby Red Shoes soft toy and they LOVE her! I dare say she will go everywhere with us now. I showed them the Paris photos too and they were thrilled. You've touched 3 young hearts with your great creation.
Thank you! Susan